How to Block Jio from Showing Addons Your Android Phone

India is experiencing the mushrooming era of telecommunication service companies. Each dawn a new and affordable service is introduced. Competition being at its pick while citizens enjoy the fun and affordable products while they last. Reliance jio is among the biggest telecom companies in the country offering broadband services plus network connections. Calls and SMS are easy to make as they have developed their own Jio sim card, Jiofi router, Jio phone and many more products. With the help of JioFi, you can create your own hotspot connecting multiple devices for Internet Access for further details click on Jiofi.local.html routermifi settings.

With the great fame, Reliance Jio has earned it trust to many users. However, there is one tiny bit which interrupts the whole fun. The full-screen pop ups and Ad-on, the uninvited advertisements which happen to appear anytime and especially when dialing or when screen is not active.

Yes! They are amazing giving different information but they are irritating sorry to say. Who wants a pop up while they are busy surfing or chatting? To make matters worse the Ad-on keep appearing, they don’t just stop. I bet we are to overwhelmed by the matter that we want to have either permanent solution or temporary one which is easy to access.

How to block Jio from showing Ads on your android phone.

Blocking Jio ads

Reliance Jio company gives users the privilege to contact customer care. Here you’re to mention about the ads appearing on your phone and how you really want to disable them. The care center will then request for the IMEI number which they use to stop the ads from appearing.

Uninstalling all Jio apps from your android device

Jio company is based on many apps which can be downloaded from your smart device. its only right to uninstall the apps which might be the cause of ads. Though most users agree that Jio apps are the core source it’s advisable to try and uninstall to see what changes will happen to your device.

Disable permission from all Jio apps

Another effective way to stop the ads is by denying permission.

One needs to long press on the Jio apps then press on the “info” button

From here select “app permission”

Now uncheck from the boxes which have the checked options.

Go to the main option of “draw over other apps” this helps disable ads which pop up due to the Jio apps.

This method comes in handy for users who want to keep their Jio apps instead of uninstalling them completely.

Using the Greenify app

This a special app which helps in hiding apps which users selects. Download and install the app and select apps which you want to hide and run in the background.

Turnoff data

Turnoff data for the Jio apps which are already in your device, in case one needs to use the app you just turn on the data at that particular time.

Installing AdAway application

This a blocking app which denies access of some IP addresses from your phone. Thus stopping ads from interrupting your android device.

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