How to Type India Rupee and Other Currency Symbols in MS Word?

While writing any sort of document, often you might have to use currency symbols. Although you can use words like Rupee, Euro or Dollar to interpret currencies, it becomes redundant if you have to write several times. So, using currency symbols is inevitable.

This article helps you to understand multiple ways using which you can type currency symbols in a MS Word document easily.

Add it from symbol dialogue box:

MS Word comes with many default features and options. It allows you to add any currency symbol easily using the Symbol dialogue box. Follow the below steps to add currency symbols to your text.

Step 1: Go to insert tab in the top ribbon.

Step 2: Expand the Symbol option in the right most corner and tap on more symbols.

Step 3: You get to see a dialogue box with many symbols popped out. Drop down search bar options and select Currency symbols.

Currency Symbols

You can select any of the currency symbols available and click on Insert.

This method helps you to select any currency symbol and add it text in one go. In addition to this, you can also use shortcut keys to add specific currency like rupee or Euro.

If you want to add a cent or pound symbol, in the same dialogue box you have set the option in the search bar to Latin – 1A Supplement to see those currency symbols, you can move the cursor on to them and click on insert.

Use Shortcut keys:

Firstly place the cursor where you have to add the symbol and press the below mentioned keyboard keys simultaneously.

Short-cut key to insert Rupee symbol:

Press ctrl + Alt + 4 keyboard keys simultaneously to add the ₹ symbol.

Short-cut key to insert Euro symbol:

Press ctrl + Alt + E keyboard keys simultaneously to add the € symbol.

Short-cut key to insert Cent symbol:

Press ctrl + / + c keyboard keys simultaneously to add ¢ symbol

This shortcuts can also be used on WordPress, Drupal, SilverStripe, Kentico CMS, Contao, Pulse CMS, Mambo, Web GUI, Composer CMS, Exponent CMS, XOOPS, Microweber, Blogger and all other website content management systems. This trick is also valid for Notepad as well. But while using older versions, one can face problems typing Indian National Rupee symbol by pressing and holding ctrl +Alt +$ in the earliest possible versions of Windows XP and 98 etc.

Use Alt codes to insert symbols:

In a numeric keypad, MS Word allows you to use Alt codes to insert currency symbols.

To use this, place your cursor where you need to insert symbols and then press and hold the Alt key and type the four-digit code. This code differs from one symbol to another.

Euro: 0128

Rupee: 8377

Pound: 0163

Cent: 0612

These keys are actually activated by pressing a combination of function keys such as FN and Num Lock. But, the process might differ based on the computer manufacturer.

These are three different methods that help you insert Indian rupee symbol and other currency symbols in MS word text documents. In addition to this, you can also get Indian rupee symbol directly in a newly manufactured keyboard on the same key you usually have on the US dollar symbol. This is because the Rupee symbol came into use on 15 July 2010, so you might have found the rupee symbol in older versions.

Bottom Line

Although MS Word has numerous features, it gets overwhelming to understand some of them. We believe this article helped you in understanding how to add currency symbols. If you have any other related doubts, feel free to mention in the comments. We would try to bring future posts solving them.

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