Oreo TV: All You Need To Know Before Using It!

Streaming and binge watching movies and web series are an inseparable part of today’s entertainment. Every new online streaming is coming up with exciting features to amplify the level of entertainment.


The quest for free products is never ending. We are always desperate to try out free things. Oreo TV is a free live TV streaming platform which provides thousands of free and paid channels and allows you to watch hundreds of movies for free. These live channels include various categories of channels from different regions of India, Canada, the US, the UK and some other countries.

Oreo TV

Features of Oreo TV:

There are exceptional features that make Oreo TV an easy-to use application. Here are they:

Categorized Content:

Application provides you with different categories of content separated so that you can easily navigate from section to section and access the content which you want to stream at the moment. This helps a lot to save your time.

Free content:

There is no extra subscription fee or any kind of payment involved to stream shows and movies. All the available content can be accessed for free. The best part of this application is you can watch movies with HD quality up to 4k ultra HD.

Add favourite list:

Often you could miss the content that you decided to watch sometime after. To help you avoid this, Oreo TV allows you to create a favourite list and add some of your favourite shows and movies anytime easily.

Adjustable Video player:

Internal video player of Oreo TV comes with multiple features on its own. You can adjust settings according to your preferences. You can adjust video quality from 2k, 4k to Full HD. You can also adjust other settings such as brightness, volume and others to enhance and adjust streaming quality as per your convenience.


Ads form major interruption for your entertainment. The best part of Oreo TV is that you can watch ad-free content with no premium subscription.

In addition to these features, there are some other exciting features available like dark mode support, PIP mode and some others which you can explore and understand on your own.

Cons of Oreo TV:

It is not legal to use:

Oreo TV is illegal as it breaks the copyright law of content in India. For the same reason it got banned in some countries.

Users could be part of the offense for using it.

So, it is important for you to be aware of this fact before using the application.

No subtitles:

Oreo TV doesn’t provide subtitles for any type of content. You can just watch the video available in the original language.

How to download Oreo TV?

It is a simple process to download Oreo TV. You need to head on to their official website using your browser. Oreo TV is compatible with many devices. You can download it on Android, PC or Firestick.

You will be guided about the different steps involved in the process on their website.

Follow those steps to install the Oreo TV.

Bottom line:

Oreo TV is the platform that helps you access different categories of content for free. But it is never recommended to encourage piracy. This not only breaks the law but also might land you in some security related risks. There is a chance of getting malware into the system while downloading some links. So make sure you have good anti-virus software installed in the system to detect any kind of virus entering into the system. Free content is always persuasive but think twice before you access it.


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