How to use Text to Speech Tools for Educating and Learning

You need best text to speech tools to improve your educating and learning process. Easy Speech2Text is a tool which automatically converts speech to text. It workswith different languages. After you have record a speech, you may like to convert it into text. There is no need of taking a lot of time trying to listen to the speech after which you can convert it into text. The Easy Speech2Text tool allows easy conversion of speech to text. It also works in reverse where you can insert text into the tool and it will cover it into speech. There are several cases where you may need to convert speech to text within a short period. Working with the tool makes it very easy for you to achieve quick conversion of your speech.

easy text2speech

Why you need to convert speech to text and text to speech

Saves time

You may need to convert a long speech into text within a short period. Even if you are out of time, you can easily convert the speech to text. In a production set up, you need to look for ways you can save on time. It will be very easy for you to save time in converting speech to text after you decide to set the tool.

Saves money

The Easy Speech2Text is available free of charge. There is no need to invest a lot of money in hiring speech writers. You can utilize the software free of charge to easily convert the speech to text. You can easily save a lot of money if you can decide to utilize the software.

High accuracy

There are cases where you would like to maintain high level of accuracy when converting text to speech. There are some speeches you would like to convert the text but you would like to maintain high level of accuracy. The software has been designed to achieve the highest level of accuracy. You can always work with the tool and it will assure you the highest level of accuracy in speech to text conversion.

Mp3 to text software improves productivity

You need staff in your company to concentrate in other areas which support the core business of your company. You should not worry about how you improve the productivity of your workers. You will save time which they can use to accomplish other tasks after installing the software. It is easy to use software which you can easily incorporate in your organization.

Easy Speech2Text overview

Easy to use audio to text

You do not have to be highly tech savvy to use the software. It is easy to use software which is built with a high level of user experience in mind. The lightweight software allows you to run it on different devices where you would like to convert speech to text. It also works well in converting the text speech to natural sounding speech.

Highly reliable text to mp3 software

There are different strength features which have been incorporated in the software which make it very reliable. It employs the latest technology to make the software highly reliable.

Powered by Google STT/TTS technology

The use of technology allows it to support more than 100 languages. You will not have to worry about the language in which you would like to covert the speech to text. All major languages have been covered due to the use of the powerful Google STT/TTS technology. You will find it working seamlessly no matter the language you would like to support.

How to convert speech to text

Launch the Easy Speech2Text software

After you launch the software, you will have to click on add file where you can upload the Mp3/Flac file.

Click on convert

After you have added the file, you will click on convert and the software will work automatically to convert the speech to text. It will display text in the program interface.

Text to speech conversion

Switch the interface to perform text to audio

You need to click on the switch to texttomp3 where the program will show an interface where you can convert text to speech.

Copy and paste your text

On the provided interface, you will have to copy and paste the text.

Click on apply

The software works automatically to convert your text into speech.

Benefits of speech to text software

There are several benefits. First, it saves you time when converting text to speech. The high accuracy rates avoid errors when converting text to speech hence avoiding you lose of information.

How to use spoken Text as a support for learning

The spoken text functionality can play a great role in simplifying your learning process. You can let the tutor speak after which you can record and convert the speech into text for future revisions. It improves your understanding rate. You can improve your grades due to the high accuracy speech to text conversion.

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