Information About Sewing Machine

Imagine this, waking up everyday and having breakfast brought to you. Your clothes are laid out for you, and all the work you would have to do, is being done for you. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, at first glance, yes. But when you think about it…not really.

Information About Sewing Machine

Us humans weren’t made to sit around being lazy. Although, we all have those times when we just don’t want to do anything, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We were created in the image of God, think about it. What did God do in the beginning? He created Black power store.

He worked. Being made in His image, we were made to work. Now, because of the curse of sin, not all work will be pleasant, but some work still is. I mean, doesn’t it feel good when you finally finish that assignment for school? Or once you’ve organized your room and it feels like you can breath again? That is what work i meant to be, satisfying, fulfilling, it gives us a greater sense of purpose.

Think about how much the average American spends on clothes. According to google, the average person spend about $1,329 every year. Let’s just say that is a lot of money. These cloths are made in factories, by sewing machines. Most people have forgotten the value of this interesting and innovative machine, the sewing machine.

You know that pair of pants that you really love…that now have a tear. So disappointed. But you, being made to innovate and create, and even fix, can either spend money on it, or fix it yourself. You have a sewing machine, that allows you to repair your clothes, making them last longer, which in turn, saves you money. The sewing machine can save you even more money than that if you choose to make your own clothing.

The sewing machine can be used for work, like I explained, but it can also be used for creativity and relaxation. You can invision in your mind the turns and folds and seams you need to make, as you chat with friends about future plans and sewing projects. What could be more fun? It’s way more engaging that sitting in front of a screen all day long, plus it can be a socializing opportunity.

Even if you don’t know how to sew, you can get some friends together and learn. Just look at pinterest you’ll be amazed at the things people come up with. I’ve seen people sew anything from cute stuffed animals, to soap bottle decorators, to even coffee mug holders. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination. A very cliche saying, I know, but it definitely rings true through history.

Finally, sewing machines keep some control in our hands. God gave us free will and the ability to think and to use the hands He’s given us. Today in this modern world, more and more, people just want things easier. But the easier things are, the less free will we have, and the less the reward is.

Image standing at the top of a cliff. The wind like at your hair, and the fresh taste of misty mountain air dances past your lips. Out let out a sigh and lift your face toward the warmth of the golden sun, set in clear blue skies. How did you get there? By hard work, by using your creativity and wits. The sewing machine allows us to hang on to our precious heritage, and gives us the power and motivation to move forward, to create a future.

To sum in all up, here’s the point. Why are sewing machines useful to us? Why are they important in our daily lives? Why shouldn’t we just let them die out with the past, like a smoldering wick, like a forgotten story? We shouldn’t because sewing machines are a remnant of our past, a shard of still solid truth in an ever changing world, because they give us the ability to produce and design almost anything we wish.

You may think that perhaps I’m over complicating things, I mean it is just a machine made of metal and plastic. But it is less the actual physical machine and more the idea, the image, and the freedom it brings, that matters. The sewing machine is a symbol of all these valuable things, one I hope will never be forgotten.

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