Resolve Windows Could Not start the SQL Server on Local Computer Manually

Resolve Windows Could Not start the SQL Server on Local Computer Manually

MS SQL Server is the widely used and most popular Relational Database Management System used to store data in the form of tables. But sometimes while the installation of this application users has to face error as windows could not start the SQL Server on local computer.  So here we will focus on the major reason and hoe to get rid of this error. This error is also termed as SQL Error 10022. Let’s start with understanding the reasons for this error.

Find the major Cause of the SQL Error – 10022

Whenever you get the above error, you want to know the cause of the error message. So that you could easily repair corrupt SQL database. Here are some ways to find the responsible cause:

  • You can get to the major cause using Configuration Manager. To do so, initialize the SQL Server from the Windows Services applet.
  • You can also start the SQL Server via Command Prompt. You may face an error message after executing the command as:

Your SQL Server installation is either corrupt or has been tampered with, Please uninstall then re-run setup to correct this problem.

This error message indicates that you are in hassle condition. And you have to resolve this issue anyhow if you want to work on SQL Server. As mentioned in the error message, reinstall the application. But somehow the re-installation of the SQL Server does not fix the issue always. It may also lead to database corruption or damage. The MDF files get corrupt because of the damaged installation of SQL Server. And here you need to repair corrupt SQL database.

  • Another way that you can use to find the cause is by editing the registry entries. If you are technical user and have good technical knowledge of registry concepts, then locate the following:
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You may face some permission problems, then make it correct. Still, if it does not work, then uninstall the SQL Server to remove SQL entries from the registry. Now re-install the application. After installation, all the related issues of installation will be fixed.

Fix the Error message Windows could not start the SQL server on local computer

There are two different ways to solve this issue that are discussed below:

  • With the Emergency Repair method provided by DBCC CHECKDB.
  • Copy data from one database to another database. 

Method 1: With  Emergency Repair method provided by DBCC CHECKDB

Execute DBCC CHECKDB command to get the database in an online and accessible mode. But sometimes because of the recovery failure, the consistency of the ` transactions is not maintained. And it is not possible to track the transactions, that need to be rolled back or rolled forward.

Now,  utilize the DBCC statements with the REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS option. This option will remove the entire damaged and unstable data and results in a consistent or stable database. To execute the consistency check, run the command as below:





If still the SQL Server error is not resolved then move to another method.

Method 2: Copy or Move Data to other Database

In this method, you just need to copy the data into another database, in order to get access to the database. Before you perform this method set the database in emergency mode with the following command

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The above-discussed method will fix the error message windows that could not start the SQL Server on the local computer. However, these manual methods are not reliable and sometimes fail to fix the issue. Especially if you are a novice user then you will not be able to run these commands. So, if somehow you fail to solve your issue then you can also take the help of third-party utilities such as SQL Recovery Software. This tool can fix any type of corruption and error in the SQL server database without any data loss and in no time.

Final Verdicts

Here in this blog, we discussed the major cause of SQL Error 10022, and methods to fix Windows could not start the SQL server on local computer error. I hope after reading this blog you can easily fix your SQL errors.

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