The Good And Bad Of Macbook Pro 13 Inch Touch Bar

The modern Macbook comes with a Touch Bar that has created a lot of hype in the circuit. However, there is both good and bad of this Touch Bar concept which you should ideally know to make sure whether or not you really need it.


The good aspects

When you consider the good aspects of the Touch Bar in Macbook, there is several of it to make it a better choice. In fact, the good points are far more than the bad ones making it a better choice and investment.

  • It is ideally the most capacitive >touchscreen running software that is made by Apple till date. This means that all times this Touch Bar will respond to even the slightest of your taps most accurately and in the best possible way.
  • Seldom will you hit the wrong button even carelessly and in most part the operations as well as the animation both are smooth and impressive enough.
  • All your computing usage will be revolved around because you will be able to work with several buttons and tabs on the web browser. The several buttons that will help in your operation include an image editing app called Pixelmator along with different spreadsheet and word processor apps.
  • You will also have access to other apps like Slack, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram along with an unofficial Google Play Music app. This will keep moving in and out of your focus repetitively.
  • You will fall love with the improved media playback controls in particular on the Touch Bar. For example, when you play a particular song on the music app you can at the same time scrub to any part of the song. For this, you will not need to bring up the music app to the foreground.
  • On the other hand, when you watch a YouTube video in full screen you will be able to see the time elapsed on either side of the Seek Bar along with the time remaining counter.
  • The most interesting part of it is that when you have a media playing in the browser tab and the Safari is not even in the foreground, this feature will enable you to play, pause or scrub the video by clicking on the media control button.

These are a few awesome features of the Macbookpro 13-inch touch bar as with the physical keys, hitting Play/Pause would only work for media apps, not contents playing in a web browser.

The bad aspects

Well, on the flip side of the features of the Macbook Touch Bar the grist gripe that you may have is its default brightness. It will make you feel that you are sitting under a bright light source. What makes the matter even worse is the matte finish which makes it even more difficult to see the content in such lighting conditions. To add up to the difficulty, you have no option to change the screen brightness using the Touch Bar. Another problem is that the Touch Bar will go to sleep mode if you do not touch it for a minute.

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