Where are Steam Screenshots Stored in Your PC

If you are a gamer, there is a huge possibility that you would have heard of Steam. This platform has dedicated itself as the solo application to host multiple diverse games and be at the forefront for all gamers across the country. It is not just playing games that we can accomplish with this forum, we also get to discuss games, create one, buy them, and so on.

This has already been deemed as the favourite digital premise for gamers, and every gaming activity happens in full swing on the platform without any hiccups. Another important feature of the platform that garners huge demand from gamers is that game developers can have their skills experimented here. They get to develop games using MODS which fortunately also help random users have a shot at it.

The interface of Steam is very simple and downloading content to customizing any feature is easily handled in this platform. Gamers also prefer to take screenshots of their victory slides which is evidently possible in this application as well. The whole application is cloud-hosted which makes its storage more durable. Gamer’s store and download a lot of games to their account with less computer memory to save space.

Taking screenshots is a salient feature of any application and Steam is no different. Sometimes, gamers want to take a screenshot of their game slides to have a log of what they have accomplished. Just pressing the F12 will do the needful when it comes to Steam is obvious, but exactly where do the screenshots get saved is not obvious and needs an explanation.

This article is an explanatory description of where the screenshots of Steam get saved and how one gets to access them. Below information will divulge facts about Steam screenshots and the location it gets saved.

Location of where the Steam screenshots get saved:

As we established before, pressing the F12 will take a screenshot and it is also automatically saved on your PC. So, all you have to do to have a view of your screenshots is to navigate to the Steam screenshot folder.

Let’s discuss three different methods involved in doing this,

Location of where the Steam screenshots get saved

Accessing your Hard disk for the screenshot:

Storing content on Hard disks is not a new concept. To access any screenshots taken in Steam, viewing it through your hard disk becomes an eventual process. To do this, the screenshot folder associated with Steam should be attached to the hard disk.

As to where the screenshots would be saved, it would be in the same location where Steam is installed. The original location of its path will be derived from local disk C. If that folder is directly attached to the hard disk, viewing your hard disk directly would be the easier way to get access to those screenshots.

The below locations seem to be the most probable paths where you can find the snapshots of Steam

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam on Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Steam on Mac
  • ~/.local/share/Steam on Linux system

Hard disk for the Steam screenshot

Below are the steps to be followed to open them:

  1. Go to file explorer
  2. Navigate to the path C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<yourSteamID>\760\remote\<app – ID>\screenshots.
  3. Open the Steam Client
  4. In the top edge of the window, click on view>Settings>Interface
  5. A pop up showing “Display Stream URL address” emerges
  6. Click OK
  7. The Steam URL is displayed.

From that URL, you can figure out your steam ID, and directly you can access the folder to Steam.

Steam Screenshots through Screenshot manager:

There is a screenshot manager in Steam that can be used to access the logs of screenshots you have saved. You can also upload or purge them according to your choice.

  1. Open the Steam application.
  2. Click on view from the Menu.
  3. A drop-down will appear and you can go to the screenshot option.
  4. Directly clicking on the screenshot option will open the screenshot manager for you.

Steam Screenshots through Screenshot manager

Using the Screenshot uploader tool:

This tool is helpful in managing all your screenshots and also gives a detailed listing of all of them including their count. Some minor information like which screenshot belongs to which game is also duly stored in the tool for posterity. It is a very helpful tool and is available as classified in the appropriate game. This also helps you in publishing the screenshot to the cloud where it is secured for anytime access in case of any unprecedented failure of storage disks.

Using the Screenshot uploader tool

Steam community link:

If all the above methods fail to expose you to the screenshots, then latching on to the last resort of trying the community link would definitely help. This is a global Steam link where all your activities with respect to Steam are recorded and stored. You can just navigate to the link and find your screenshots without further ado.

http://Steamcommunity.co m/my/screenshots/

The links keep updating and also posts you with any recent random updates. This will directly take you to the screenshot location where you can view any snapshots you have taken over the course of time.

How to download the screenshots?

Now that we have already enlightened ourselves about viewing the screenshot, we should also get to know how we download it.

They are probably available for sharing as they would have gotten saved in your PC as well. If you need to find them and send them across, the below steps will be very useful:

  1. Open menu, and navigate to View.
  2. Go to screenshots.
  3. Single out the game and click it to see screenshots.
  4. Show on Disk” is an option that will be displayed, click it.
  5. You will see the files on the disk.

From the disk, it will be easier to copy and directly paste it wherever you need.

The screenshot uploader tool is also another effective option to accomplish the same motive. This will directly upload the screenshot in the cloud where access to everybody becomes a possibility.


Steam is a very useful platform and has been very accommodative in providing every facility that a gamer needs. The screenshot is one such aspect that any gamer deems necessary especially when he has crossed a milestone in any particular game. They serve as logs for all your accomplishments and are also easy to be snapped on this platform. Saving them and viewing them later is a little ambiguous given the location confusion where this document will help a great deal.

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