Buy Lloyd Washing Machines on No Cost EMI this 2023

Whether you are planning a new house, making renovations to your current home or just looking for a lifestyle change, one of the essential household appliances you will be keen on upgrading is a washing machine.

Washing machines save time, consume less water, aid in the drying process and more importantly, allow you to take care of other tasks while someone else tackles the washing.

Lloyd Washing Machines
Lloyd Washing Machines

Lloyd, a brand from Havells, brings to you a wide range of semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines at competitive prices. You can choose between a top load or a front load, and benefit from technologies such as Temperature Control Technology and 3D Waterfall Wash when you buy a Lloyd washing machine. What’s more, you can get a hold of the best Lloyd washing machine offers by shopping on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

But before you do, here is a look at some of the best Lloyd washing machines you can shop for affordably on No Cost EMI.

Semi-automatic top load 6.5kg washing machine (LWMS65SP)

  • Spin speed: 1350 rpm
  • Wash motor (W): 400
  • Spin motor (W): 135
  • Machine dimensions (W x D x H): 745mm x 435mm x 870mm
  • Wash capacity: 6.5kg
  • Colour: White and transparent blue
  • Form factor: Top load

Key takeaways:

  • This Lloyd top load washing machine uses Tangle Free Pulsator technology to keep your clothes free from getting twisted, knotted or misshapen. By creating tornado-like water currents, it avoids rips and tears in clothing and ensures that you don’t have to deal with any unclean spots that may have been hidden.
  • The soak wash feature allows your clothes to sit in a concentrated detergent solution before the main wash begins. This loosens up stubborn stains and dirt spots.
  • The Thermal Protection technology safeguards your and spinning motors from damage due to overheating by automatically cutting off power in between different stages of the wash cycle. So, there’s no need to constantly monitor your machine. Take a walk, or shop for groceries and you can come back to clean clothes.
  • EMIs starting at Rs.610

Fully automatic front load 7kg washing machine (LWMF70AW)

  • Spin speed: 1200 rpm
  • Wash motor (W): 180
  • Spin motor (W): 400
  • Machine dimensions (W x D x H): 598mm x 535mm x 850mm
  • Wash capacity : 7kg
  • Colour: White and blue
  • Form factor: Front load

Key takeaways:

  • This Lloyd front load washing machine comes with inbuilt sensors that allow you to carry out other chores and tasks while the machine automates the washing process. By monitoring factors such as water level, load imbalance, lid opening and laundry weight, the Intelligent Control technology re-calibrates the amount of water, electricity and detergent required per wash cycle.
  • The visible LED display keeps you up to speed with the washing cycle’s progress. You can get information about key parameters like the temperature by just taking a quick look at your display.
  • Get a cleaner, more efficient wash with the flower diamond drum and the magic drum ribbon.
  • EMIs starting at Rs.1,749

Fully automatic top load 7.2kg washing machine (LWMT72H)

  • Spin speed: 800 rpm (spin) and 130 rpm (wash)
  • Wash motor (W): 380
  • Spin motor (W): 380
  • Machine dimensions (W x D x H): 550mm x 550mm x 950mm
  • Wash capacity: 7.2kg
  • Colour: White and brown
  • Form factor: Top load

Key takeaways:

  • This 7.2kg capacity Lloyd washing machine uses fuzzy logic algorithms to determine the right water, electricity and detergent amounts required per wash. This is an automatic function and does not require you to constantly monitor the machine.
  • Your clothes will benefit from enhanced cleansing action thanks to the Bubble Wash technology. This distributes detergent evenly throughout the load, ensuring even cleansing. Added to this, the 3D waterfall wash feature creates strong water currents to create an effective push-pull effect. This not only helps dislodge dirt particles, but also minimises twisting and knotting of garments.
  • You do not have to use the full 7.2kg capacity of this machine if you just need to wash a small load quickly. The mini wash feature can be used to get small amounts of clothes (less than 2kg) washed in just 24 minutes.
  • Hot wash functionality brings the working temperature up to 30 degrees in moments, and so helps you tackle stubborn stains. This mode is also helpful when the garment label suggests washing in warm water.
  • EMIs starting at: Rs.1,471

Semi-automatic top load 7.8kg washing machine (LWMS78L)

  • Spin speed: 1600 rpm
  • Wash motor (W): 490
  • Spin motor (W): 200
  • Machine dimensions (W x D x H): 816mm x 476mm x 1004mm
  • Wash capacity : 7.8kg
  • Colour: White and pink/red
  • Form factor: Top load

Key takeaways:

  • The washing machine body is made up of two layers of fibre. This makes it durable and ensures that it will have a long life.
  • You can tweak the parameters of the wash cycle on this machine by using 4 easy-to-use operating knobs positioned at top of the machine.
  • Thermal protection sensors ensure that damages due to excessive heating do not occur. The TPT sensor gives a signal to cut-off the electricity supply when the temperature rises above the optimum level.
  • This Lloyd front top washing machine comes with Super Swirl Pulsator technology. This feature enables constructive water movement that makes for a quicker and more effective wash. Added to this, the additional soaking facility submerges your clothes in a concentrated detergent solution for a while before the wash cycle begins. In this manner it tackles tough stains effectively.
  • EMIs starting at Rs.832

Shopping on the EMI Network is easy and convenient. Simply use your EMI Network Card and take home your exciting brand-new Lloyd washing machine on simple EMIs. Purchasing your product here gives you the advantage of getting it on No Cost EMIs starting at just Rs.610.

This means that you will not have to pay a rupee over the purchase price. With good EMI financing of up to Rs.4 lakh, you are sure to get the washing machine specifications you are looking for. Further, you can repay the total in easy instalments through a tenor of 3 to 24 months.

With over 60,000 partner sellers spread over 1,300 cities across the country, the EMI Network has a strong pan-India presence. The Network has over 1 million products for you to choose from, as well and over a crore members.

With minimal documentation you too can get on board easily! However, if aren’t yet a member and do not yet have an EMI Card, simply avail of in-store financing and start shopping.

So this 2019, make life more convenient by buying a washing machine from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network after choosing one of these models. To get started, check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv. Entering a few simple details will give you instant approval and access to a range of customised deals.


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