Online Gambling Market on the Rise After Worldwide Casino Lockdown

Many countries generate a large percentage of their revenue from the casino market. Macau, the capital of gambling worldwide, is one of the popular destinations. They create more than half of their revenue from gambling.

All land casinos have touchable surfaces ranging from table games to slot machines. These can aid the spread of the COVID-19 through touch and contacts. In contrast, many casinos have transformed into online casinos.

The worldwide Casino market revenue has fallen by more than 80%. This fall allows online gambling to take over from closed casinos. In south Asia, pokerace99 has picked up the race, with varieties of excellent games like poker, BandarQ, DominoQQ, Online lottery, among others.


Corona virus and world casino market

Corona virus has caused a worldwide drop in casino market value, almost leading to the markdown of a great source of revenue worldwide. Fear of the deadly pandemic virus has caused a closedown of many sporting even around the world. It is now impossible for gamblers to bet on their sports events, causing a massive loss of revenue. Also, the corona virus outbreak has raised monetary power for preventive measures.

Due to worldwide corona virus outbreak, the online gambling market is ready to boom. According to Statistica, it can grow to a market capitalization of up to $90 billion. Over 225% increase was shown in online gamblers in Israel. Many of whom were not able to meet friends for periodic poker games. But, others are trying to thrill themselves and spice up the indefinite lockdown.

Meanwhile, Macau’s land-based casino revenue has dropped by 88% compared to 2019. The drop has sent a shock down the spine of the world’s casino market.

Rise of online gambling

Technology is the primary key to the rise of online gambling throughout the whole world. The introduction of the internet and devices has made gambling easy in the world.

Statistics have shown that over the last two months, Chinese gamblers online has risen by 90%. But there are regulations against online gambling in China. And this forces users to use platforms outside their country. On the other hand, one of Asian’s best online gambling options Pokerace99 has excellent prepared games to meet user’s demands.

Italian Telecom has recorded a 70% increase in traffic to gambling websites. Online gambling has played a vital role in the spike of the gambling industry around the world.

Many casino users had shifted to online gambling due to lockdown affecting casino. Online gambling site operators are now active in satisfying their clients’ needs. They currently make use of a competitive marketing strategy and excellent customer support. With the need to adjust their workflow to build their fame as Pokerrce99 had done over the years. Online gambling also meets users who want nonstop gambling experience.

Online Gambling Regulations

The importance of Online gambling regulations is to protect users. In many countries, online gambling is illegal and banned. Online gambling involves entrusting money to a third party. So, they must be legal, operate with good ethics, and give equal and fair treatment to all gamblers. All gambling sites must be compliant with every law and rules of engagement. A lot of users don’t even give so much thought about regulations of online gambling.

General advantages

Online gambling is accessible from anywhere, anytime around the world. Its simplicity also makes the users feel they can’t lose too much money. Also, online gambling sites like Pokerace99 allows varieties of bonus options, with easy registration, and 24/7 efficient customer service.

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