Top 10 Best Google Gravity Tricks 2022

Google is a familiar name that has been rife amongst the masses for a long time now. It is known as the prominent search engine which can give you information ranging from any raw factor to current affairs. It has all the data and the algorithm employed to fetch the search results which is also extraordinary in all senses. However, apart from being this exceptional search engine, it is also a browser that performs other functions at ease.

Exploring and expertizing all its tricks could be an insatiable trick as there are more than what we can expose with the help of Google. It has upped its ante and spurred its capacity over the years so that people throng themselves to the website in multitudes for anything and everything. There are some gravity-opposing tricks that google disposes which lures people to a large extent. However, there are so many of them that people have no prior knowledge about them. The enormity with which it functions is exemplary for one has to really cleave their ways into mastering it one by one.

google gravity tricks

If you want to have detail on the capability of google tricks, you should immerse it and read articles that explains its genius. So let us have a look at the capacity of google to mesmerize people in all ways possible.

Let us delve into different gravity-opposing tricks that google provides and tune ourselves to be a part of them in the coming future.

1. Zero gravity level fall:

Zero gravity level fall

This is one of the most visually stunning gravity tricks that captivates audiences to a large extent. It is unique in nature and kind of goes overboard with its effects to suddenly startle people to dwell on it for a long time. All the substances will feel like they are tumbling towards the level surface, with slightly shattered images of all the context on the page. All of them will become bouncy and shale their ways to fall on the surface to give us perks when looking at it. It looks very energizing and fresh for all the spectators who happen to catch a glimpse at it.

2. Google Sphere:

Google Sphere

This is another incredible gravity trap for its rotation makes it a wonderful sight. One has to cut down on the corner writings to see all the contents of the page swirl around at a catchy pace. This looks amazingly beautiful and also captivates your attention in a jiffy.

3. Google Loco:

Google Loco

This is a famous gravity trap that is quite similar to that of a zero gravity vision. It goes for an extreme wave of tremor and turbulence where every character jumps into space. The feel of this gravity trap is quite odd in vision. On the whole it is one of the most grandeur gravity traps that attracts the spectators to extremes.

4. Zerg Rush:

Zerg Rush

This is a pleasant and eye-soothing gravity trap that swoons your eyes to magical circles. The range of zeroes that appear on the screen look magical and also swirl around as it spreads through the whole page. Zerg Rush in the search bar would do wonders for this gravity trap.

5. Google Submerged:

This is the fun gravity trap that feeds you with pleasantries. Every tab on the page including the pursuit bar will be immersed in the water. It will look like the whole page is submerged and has to be blown out of water.

6. Barrell Roll:

Barrell Roll

This trap is also astonishing in all senses as the whole page turns out to become a solitary miniature. A small icon on the whole page will just float about in the space.

7. Google Guitar:


As the name suggests, this gravity trap is more musical to our ears and eyes. We get to operate on the instrument as we immerse ourselves into it and play guitar to our accord. It offers you note for the musicals and strings together a beautiful tune as you play it.

8. Google zero gravity reversal:

One of the coolest gravity traps as it deceives with a perfect representation of your site page. This actually takes you to the other side of the spectrum of the google page. Everything will look upended in your eyes which is actually quite perky to our conception.

9. Google Space:

Google Space

In this gravity trap, there is ample motion in the room. The substance in your pages will be wavery and dance vigorously in front of your eyes as if you are on float or flying.

10. Pacman:


This is a pacman induced gravity trap, where any players can play Pacman on the screen with their peers. This will look slightly dazed for your eyes and a little bit hazy also. The fun of having this gravity trap is more tangible for some actions from the player are also allowed.


In this article, we have covered all the gravity traps that stun people altogether. Google is basically a host of different activities like this that intrigue people to extremes. One will find this article very useful and would learn more about these traps as and when they lay hands on them.

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