7 Video-Makers to Create Captivating Videos And Movies

With the development of high-tech cameras and editors, Videography has evolved into an independent art form. It is also an economic and effective mode of communication and business promotion.

The google search engine and various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube encourage video ads and content creation. Your chances of ranking higher on the google search engine are much more when you have a professional-looking video embedded in your website or social media accounts.

Videography is also an extraordinary tool for storytelling. The global film industry is living evidence that people use videos to create and showcase entertaining and human interest stories. Whether you are an independent content creator, an aspiring film-maker, or a business seeking brand promotion, videography is the way to go. And for this, you need to have the best camera, for this you can visit hirisecamera.com and buy camera online.

With the easy availability of video makers on the internet, the process of video-making has been dynamically simplified. But with many choices comes confusion. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve shortlisted some of the best video-makers available online.

7 Video-Makers

Top 7 video-makers for content creators and videographers

1. YouTube Video Editor

The user-friendly and intuitive YouTube editor is one of the most used video-editors on the internet today. It has an easy-to-comprehend timeline that can be used to customize and alter your video content. The application also allows you to crop and trim the video and change its duration through various tools. A big advantage of using YouTube video Maker is that you can process long videos almost instantly. This application is not just a time-saver but is also available for free. It also provides you the option to work on multiple projects at once. It is also very easy to create remix and compilation videos through YouTube video editor.

2. FilmoraGo For Android devices

Incorporating a massive library of royalty-free effects and audio tracks, Filmora is a video-maker that shall give our raw footage the finishing touch that it needs. It is one of the most popular video-making tools especially among the GoPro and other action camera users. Filmora allows you to create high-quality videos in just a few minutes by purveying a diverse range of transitions, filters, and light-customization tools.

3. Animoto

This application is extremely flexible in nature and also allows you to upload videos that are of 20 minutes and more. You can browse through a diverse range of music on the application and choose your favorite track for the background music of your video. Your video can also be customized and altered on the timeline and converted into a shorter version. Your video can also have various transitions and after-effects that enhance the video by adding a dramatic effect. With the help of the application, you can create professional-looking videos within minutes. Although, a major drawback of Animoto is that it only allows you to create 30 seconds of video for free. If you intend on making videos frequently, Animoto purveys world-class video making tools on the application at an extremely economical rate.

4. Adobe Premiere Clip

One of a kind, the Adobe Premiere Clip does all the heavy lifting for you by automatically generating a full-fledged movie-like video for you out of images and raw footage. You can also control the pace of your video and customize its duration accordingly. Adobe Premiere Clip is one such video-editor that allows you to upload a video clip right from your android device and onto the timeline for editing. It also has an ad-blocking edition that helps you create videos without disturbing prompts.

5. VivaVideos.

An excellent video-editing application for Android devices, VivaVideos purveys an impressive range of editing features that can help you create professional films and videos. You can also add various animation and graphics into your videos to make it more visually appealing. Add aesthetic filters to create highly impactful and rich videos that shall do well on online portals. The easy drag and drop facility of VivaVideos helps you add photos and videos on your timeline and then make the necessary alterations.

6. Video Toolbox

An incredible tool for creating intriguing marketing videos, Video Toolbox is a popular video-maker used by advertising agencies for brand promotion. Courtesy its ‘watermark text adding’ feature, the video toolbox serves as an effective marketing tool. You can also merge, crop, and edit many videos into one pitch-perfect video. The application can process up to 300mb file size within minutes making the video-editing process easy and convenient.

7. PhotosApp Windows10

Exclusively available on windows10, this video-maker is intuitive and basic in nature. It has primary editing tools for creating intriguing slideshows and videos. You can also add 3D filters and aftereffects into your video with just a clip. You can also crop and edit the video frame-by-frame or apply transitions and effects in the whole video at once.

These are a few video-makers that you can use to create extra-ordinary videos and short-films economically and effectively.

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