Workarounds to Recover Deleted Public Folder Exchange Server 2013, 2010

It’s been frustrating while we accidentally delete stuff and then regret it. Same scenario with the public folder of Exchange Server. Most of you might not be aware of public folders in Exchange 2013, 2010. But those who use public folders can relate to how useful they are. Public folders provide users with an effective and secure place to organize, share, and collect business databases within workgroups and organizations.

Public Folder Exchange Server 2013

As most cooperatives use the New Public Folder, it becomes necessary to plan for the recovery of deleted data. And, Here we are going to talk about various methods to Recover Deleted Public Folder Exchange Server 2013, 2010.

Restore Public Folder Exchange 2010, 2013

There are two possible methods to recover the deleted public folder Exchange Server 2013. Execute both of them as listed below:

1. Using the Exchange Server Management Console.

  • Navigate to the Exchange Management Console. Select the Microsoft Exchange Option, Follow Server Configuration>MailBox.
  • Select the Exchange Server credential/name from the list of servers.
  • Choose the Name of the Public Folder database that you want to recover.
  • Choose the “Dismount Database” from the right-click menu to dismount the database.
  • After that, Open the properties by right-clicking.
  • Now Check the box at the bottom that says “This database can be overwritten by a restore”.
  • Execute the chosen setting.

2. Using ExFolders in Exchange 2010 for Recovery of Public Folder

  • Start from Launching the ExFolders.
  • Navigate as Menu > Connect > Public Folders > Global Catalog.
  • Now you need to go to the top-level folder at the Public Folder Tree.
  • After that, right-click on the “Show Deleted Subfolders” option. Now you will see the deleted folder in red characters.
  • Click on the public folder that re-appeared in red and select the “Recover Folder” Option.

This is how you can recover deleted public folder exchange 2013 and restore public folder exchange 2010.

Drawbacks of Above Listed Methods

  1. These methods are very complicated and involve a lot of steps.
  2. To perform such a task you need skill and experience.
  3. Even a small mistake can cause data loss.

Best Method to Recover Deleted Public Folder Exchange Server 2013

Try Exchange EDB to PST converter i.e. a certified recovery and backup tool that can recover your entire database in just a few clicks. The tool works at high speeds to recover and restore public EDB file or Exchange Mailbox. This software makes public folder recovery an easy task for even beginners who have never done it before. Also, you can use this tool to convert your EDB files to different file formats such as PST, NSF, etc.

Let’s Summarize!

Losing Public Folders from Exchange Server can be very critical for the user, and so, recovering them is very crucial. Here, we have talked about how to recover the deleted public folder Exchange Server 2013. Also, we have mentioned an automated tool that is beneficial in recovering Exchange Database files. I hope you found this guide helpful to solve your query. Thanks for Reading!!!.


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