What is Request Mail?

Request mail is an excellent e-mail marketing tool that strongly supports your Internet business.

Request mail

Yahoo mail marketing tool seemingly it seems to be a system for large enterprises, but the request mail is only 5,250- per month, helping to attract customers at your site, double the sales, very convenient It is a tool.

On this site, we will introduce a convenient system by giving easy-to-understand expressions and examples of request mails.

Please help us introduce request mail to your site and improve results.

Request mail is a new system that has just been completed, but there are already many success stories among users, and it is not uncommon to tell that results have tripled.

So, why is the request mail necessary for the business site? Once you have created a scenario, you can do something like this.

  • Acquisition of prospective customers
  • Acquisition of e-mail addresses
  • One-to-one communication (direct marketing)
  • Automatic operation from sales to closing
  • Fixed-up customer

For example, if individual business owners do the above-mentioned e-mail marketing by themselves on the side of ordinary work by themselves, a considerable amount of labor is required over time. Customers are not alone, and each will need a separate response.

By using the request mail, all of them can be operated automatically. So, I will explain each one.

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Passengers attracting prospects

I think that there are multiple visitors to your site. But, in fact, it is hard to raise sales?

Some of them did not feel like buying them much, but in reality, they were on the verge of buying well, perhaps there were also people who were willing to buy.

If you can stop sales by stopping only those who have a high possibility of buying, do not you think that the result will be easy?

Such a person who has a high possibility of buying is called a “prospective customer”.

The foundation for the success of the Internet business is that it is important to attract this prospect firmly.

Since there are as much information as the number of stars on the net, customers surf the web from next to next and go.

Among its customers, what if you could stop your “prospective customers” who are more likely to buy and sell your products and services? Do not you think it is easy to sell?

By using this mechanism, the sales are great. It is the request mail that will do it automatically. Please set up the Yahoo mail report using the request mail on the site, with the information relevant to your item and service.

Now you can stop the prospects of your merchandise. Because, if you were, would you like to enter the mail address all the time you are not interested? After that, we will automatically deliver the scenario where the request mail is set up.

Email Marketing

E-mail address acquisition

If you can apply for a mail report, you can acquire the prospect’s email address. This is your “treasure”. It is not an exaggerated story at all.

For example, even if products do not sell in this visit, you know what interests these prospective customers are interested in, and they also know their email address.

In other words, you can sell your products and services as many times as you like, or you can sell other products. It is also possible to encourage purchase of new product information, ranking information and repeat products.

However, it is easy to get results if you can disseminate information while thinking about useful information and casual communication for customers rather than PR for products.

By the way, if you are an affiliate site, you do not know who bought it, so you can only hire customers inside the site.

For customers, once shopping, mails arrive directly from the EC site, and then they will shop directly from the EC site. However, since you know the e-mail address, you can send PR e-mail without losing to the EC site.

It may be good to have intense access like an advanced player, but that is also quite difficult. But, if there is a prospect’s attracting customers and a list of their e-mail addresses, even novice affiliates can actually fight enough.

Here is a big point.

One-to-One Communication (Direct Marketing)

In the request mail setting, you can enter the name of the customer. This name can be used as it is for the mail scenario to be delivered. For example, since you do not know who you are on this site, you only have to say you.

However, if you input your name in the setting of the request mail, it seems that they are talking with themselves, such as “Hi Mr. Sato” or “Suzuki san has great deals …” You can create a familiar atmosphere.

By doing so, we get a very close feeling, and in fact there are people who are willing to wish to see this email, “Oh, you bothered me to bother me”. If you do that, it will of course be easy to achieve results.

In this way, direct response marketing is called direct communication with customers, the method of obtaining information from them and raising the result is called direct response marketing. By taking contacts many times well, you can gradually bring the distance between you and the customer closer.

The request mail also has a function as such a communication tool. Automatic operation from sales to after-sales. If you apply for a mail report, we will deliver the scenario where request mail is pre-assembled.

For example, the contents of this mail scenario need not be marketed from the beginning.

In the beginning, you can tell the information that is beneficial for the customer and finally bring it from the PR to the closing. First of all, it is important to have your company and products recognized.

For example, after a few days after distributing your information as a mail seminar, you can also email after-sales with “How about after that?”

If you can handle this casual way, customers will have a good impression on you, so the possibility of purchasing and the possibility of becoming a repeater will increase greatly.

As you can see so far, if you set scenarios in advance and apply for a mail report, request mails are automatically operated from attracting customers of prospects to sales, closing and after-follow It will be.

In this way, the request mail is a very useful help tool like “Copy Kun” who will become your partner and will continue to work every day of the year instead of you. Besides, it is a wonderful business tool that automatically handles a lot of work necessary for the success of the internet business, such as attracting prospects who can not easily begin by a beginner and acquiring mail addresses.

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